Saturday, February 27, 2010

Launching of Scarfs and Shirts with the logo" Help Fight cancer"

A talent show was arranged by the student society of helping hands on the 24th of Feb 2010 for fundraising.

Students members of "Helping Hands for Cancer Patients"(HHFCP) came up with the innovative idea of designing shirts and scarfs with the logo "help fight cancer".
the aim was to promote the spirit of goodwill for needy cancer patients and to generate valuable funds.
The manufacturing cost of the products was arranged by Dr Syed Muslim Abbas , Shifa Umer and Obaid Ashraf from generous donors.

The preparations required hard work and commitment which was displayed by the relentless efforts of the member students.
The show comprised of musical performances, drama's ,skits, and awareness generating videos of needy cancer patients who were facing the physical, mental, social and financial constrains of this menacing ailment.
There was active involvement and participation of the students and faculty of Community Health Sciences SCM, in making this event a great success.

The advisory board of HHFCP (Dr Ali Yawar Alam, Dr Syed Muslim Abbas and Dr Mohammad Raess mailik) would like to congratulate and acknowledge the altruistic efforts of the student managing committee of this event, which include shifa umer, obaid ashraf, harris ali arshad, uzair mushahid, meherunnisa asif khan, nur un nisa nabil, khadija ranjha, komal naz, shireen, asad mehmood, naaba saeed, nayab dar,kushbakht tanveer, nafeesa hiba,zahra khan, umer farooq,maryam akram,abdullah wali, khansa qadeer, joshua, khadeeja khan, saad hameed niazi, sehr rana and rajeel imran.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fund Raising in 3rd Islamic International Conference

Under the supervision of Dr Ali Yawar Alam and Dr Syed Muslim Abbas(the advisors of Helping Hands For Cancer Patients) students of Shifa College of Medicine arranged a book stall
in the 3rd International Islamic Conference(6,7th feb 2010) for fundraising.
Harris ali arshad, Meherunnisa Asif khan, Qurat ul ain, Nayab Dar, Uzair Murshid and Khansa Qadeer were the students who were actively involved in managing and organizing the book stall.
The aim of Helping Hands For Cancer Patients has always been to avail every opportunity to inculcate the spirit of fundraising for the 'Needy Cancer Patients' and to educate the masses regarding Cancer.